Jewelry Offered by Stow Jewelers

At Stow Jewelers, we are proud to offer an array of products to capture the attention of even the most discerning shopper. Stow Jewelers’ focus has always been to provide exquisite jewelry products at affordable prices. Here at Stow Jewelers, we understand your desire for quality products to meet every taste and unique style, which is why we offer both classic and contemporary pieces. Because we also sell used jewelry, this gives our customers the chance to own something that is not currently on the commercial market–such as vintage wedding rings and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Get a Beautiful Piece of Jewelry in Stow, OH

From Swiss-made luxury watches to certified diamond engagement rings, Stow Jewelers offers an impressive selection for a locally-owned jewelry store. And now customers can conveniently shop online, as well as in-store in Stow, OH!

Our store offers the following sale items:

Each of our products has their own history. Our team at Stows Jewelers can describe the origins of our individual jewelry pieces and are able to provide you with valuable information concerning the merchandise’s background. We are happy to provide you valuable care knowledge for any purchases as this helps you keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

Aside from selling jewelry, Stow Jewelers also offers the following:

Our accessory line-up includes items to help you care and maintain the luster of your jewelry and gemstone pieces such as jewelry cleaner solutions, polishing cloths, and more. As a full-service jewelers, we also buy gold and silver at competitive rates. We pay on the spot for your gold or silver and are eager to make your selling experience a pleasant one. Our knowledgeable personnel understand today’s gold and silver market and are happy to help answer any of your questions. To learn more, please visit us today or give us a call at (330) 655-2155.


  • Established in 1983
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Over 40 Years In Jewelry Experience
  • Member of Jewelers Security Alliance